13 CFR 301.7 - Investment Assistance application.

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§ 301.7 Investment Assistance application.

(a) The EDA Investment Assistance process begins with the submission of an application. The Application for Investment Assistance (Form ED-900 or any successor form) may be obtained electronically from http://www.grants.gov or from the appropriate regional office. In general, EDA accepts applications on a continuing basis and competitively evaluates all applications received in quarterly funding cycles throughout the fiscal year. Subject to the availability of funds, the timing in which EDA receives complete and competitive applications affects EDA's ability to participate in a given Project. EDA will evaluate all applications in accord with the criteria set forth in the applicable FFO and in § 301.8 and will:

(1) Return the application to the applicant for specified deficiencies and suggest resubmission after corrections are made; or

(2) Deny the application for specifically stated reasons and notify the applicant.

(b) PWEDA does not require nor does EDA provide an appeals process for denial of applications or EDA Investment Assistance.

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