13 CFR § 314.4 - Unauthorized Use of Project Property.

(a) Compensation of Federal Share upon an Unauthorized Use of Project Property. Except as provided in §§ 314.3 (regarding the authorized use of Property) or 314.10 (regarding the release of the Federal Interest in certain Property), or as otherwise authorized by EDA, the Federal Government must be compensated by the Recipient for the Federal Share whenever, during the Estimated Useful Life of the Project, any Project Property is Disposed of, encumbered, or no longer used for the purpose of the Project; provided that for equipment and supplies, the requirements of 2 CFR part 200, including any supplements, shall apply.

(b) Additional Unauthorized Uses of Project Property. Additionally, prior to the release of the Federal Interest, Project Real Property or tangible Project Personal Property may not be used:

(1) In violation of the nondiscrimination requirements of § 302.20 of this chapter or in violation of the terms and conditions of the Investment Assistance; or

(2) For any purpose prohibited by applicable law.

(c) Recovery of the Federal Share. Where the Disposition, encumbrance, or use of any Project Property violates paragraph (a) or (b) of this section, EDA may assert the Federal Interest in the Project Property to recover the Federal Share for the Federal Government and may take such actions as authorized by PWEDA and this chapter, including the actions provided in §§ 302.3, 302.16, and 307.21 of this chapter. EDA may pursue its rights under paragraph (a) of this section and this paragraph (c) to recover the Federal Share, plus costs and interest. When the Federal Government is fully compensated for the Federal Share, the Federal Interest is extinguished as provided in § 314.2(b), and EDA will have no further interest in the ownership, use, or Disposition of the Property, except for the nondiscrimination requirements set forth in § 314.10(d)(3).

[71 FR 56675, Sept. 27, 2006, as amended at 79 FR 76137, Dec. 19, 2014; 82 FR 57059, Dec. 1, 2017]