13 CFR § 315.10 - Appeals, final determinations, and termination of certification.

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§ 315.10 Appeals, final determinations, and termination of certification.

(a) Any petitioner may appeal in writing to EDA from a denial of certification, provided that EDA receives the appeal by personal delivery or by registered mail within 60 calendar days from the date of notice of denial under § 315.7(g). The appeal must state the grounds on which the appeal is based, including a concise statement of the supporting facts and applicable law. The decision of EDA on the appeal shall be the final determination within the Department. In the absence of an appeal by the petitioner under this paragraph (a), the determination under § 315.7(g) shall be final.

(b) A Firm, its representative, or any other interested domestic party aggrieved by a final determination under paragraph (a) of this section may, within 60 calendar days after notice of such determination, begin a civil action in the United States Court of International Trade for review of such determination, in accordance with section 284 of the Trade Act (19 U.S.C. 2395).

(c) Whenever EDA determines that a Certified Firm no longer requires Adjustment Assistance or for other good cause, EDA will terminate the certification and promptly publish notice of such termination in the Federal Register. The termination will take effect on the date specified in the published notice. EDA shall immediately notify the petitioner and shall state the reasons for any termination.