14 CFR § 1212.204 - Fees.

§ 1212.204 Fees.

(a) Fees will not be charged for:

(1) Search for a retrieval of the requesting individual's records;

(2) Review of the records;

(3) Making a copy of a record when it is a necessary part of the process of making the record available for review;

(4) Transportation of the record(s);

(5) Making a copy of an amended record to provide evidence of the amendment; or

(6) Copies of records if this is determined to be in the best interest of the Government.

(b) Fees for the duplication of records will be assessed in accordance with § 1206.700(a) of this chapter.

(c) Where it appears that duplication fees chargeable under this section will exceed $25, the requester shall be provided an estimate of the fees before copies are made. Where possible, the requester will be afforded the opportunity to confer with Agency personnel in a manner which will reduce the fees, yet still meet the needs of the requester.

(d) Where the anticipated fee chargeable under this section exceeds $25, an advance deposit of part or all of the anticipated fee may be required.