14 CFR ยง 241.04 - Section 04 Air Carrier Groupings

Section 04 Air Carrier Groupings

(a) All large certificated air carriers are placed into three basic air carrier groupings based upon their level of operations and the nature of these operations. In order to determine the level of operations, total operating revenues for a twelve-month period are used. The following operating revenue ranges are used to establish air carrier groupings:

Carrier Group Total Annual Operating Revenues
I 0-$100,000,000
II $100,000,001-$1,000,000,000
III $1,000,000,001 +

For reporting purposes, Group I air carriers are further divided into two subgroups: (1) Air carriers with total annual operating revenues from $20,000,000 to $100,000,000 and (2) Air carriers with total annual operating revenues below $20,000,000.

(b) Both the criteria for establishing air carrier groupings and the assignment of each air carrier to a specific group of carriers will be reviewed periodically by the Director, Office of Airline Information, to assure the maintenance of appropriate standards for the grouping of carriers. When an air carrier's level of operations passes the upper or lower limit of its currently assigned carrier grouping, the carrier is not automatically transferred to a different group and a new level of reporting. The Office of Airline Information will issue an updated listing of the carrier groups on an annual basis. A carrier may petition for reconsideration of its assigned carrier grouping or request a waiver from the accounting and reporting requirements that are applicable to a particular group under the provisions of section 1-2 of this Uniform System of Accounts and Reports.

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