14 CFR ยง 241.17 - Section 17 Objective Classification - Extraordinary Items

Section 17 Objective Classification - Extraordinary Items
96 Extraordinary Items.

Record here material items characterized by their unusual nature and infrequent occurrence. Events or transactions which are material and either unusual or nonrecurring, but not both, shall be recorded in the profit and loss accounts to which they relate and disclosed on BTS Form 41 Schedule P-2 with identification as to their nature and financial effects.

[Amdt. 241-58, 54 FR 5596, Feb. 6, 1989, as amended at 60 FR 66723, Dec. 26, 1995]
97 Income Taxes Applicable to Extraordinary Items.

Record here income taxes allocable to items of income included in profit and loss account 96 Extraordinary Items and income tax assessments that do not constitute ordinary adjustments of a recurrent nature. Records supporting entries to this account shall be maintained with sufficient particularity to identify the nature and gross amount of each extraordinary credit and each extraordinary debit.

[ER-948, 41 FR 12296, Mar. 25, 1976]