14 CFR § 241.19-1 - Sec. 19-1 Applicability.

Sec. 19-1 Applicability.

(a) United States air carrier. Each large certificated U.S. air carrier shall file with the Department, on a monthly basis, Form 41 Schedule T-100 “U.S. Air Carrier Traffic and Capacity Data By Nonstop Segment and On-flight Market,” and summary data as prescribed in this section and in sections 22 and 25 of this part.

(b) Foreign (non-U.S.) air carrier: Each foreign air carrier as required by part 217 of this chapter shall file Form 41 Schedule T-100(f) “Foreign Air Carrier Traffic Data by Nonstop Segment and On-flight Market.” The “Instructions to Foreign Air Carriers for Reporting Traffic Data on Form 41 Schedule T-100(f),” (Instructions-Foreign Air Carriers) are included in the Appendix to § 217.10 of this chapter.

(c) Reports required by this section shall be submitted to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics in a format specified in accounting and reporting directives issued by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' Director of Airline Information.

(d) On-flight market and nonstop segment detail data by carrier shall be made public only as provided in section 19-6.

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