14 CFR ยง 241.2-2 - Sec. 2-2 Basis of allocation between entities.

Sec. 2-2 Basis of allocation between entities.

(a) The provisions of this section shall apply to each person controlling an air carrier, each person controlled by the air carrier, as well as each transport entity and organizational division of the air carrier for which separate records must be maintained pursuant to section 1-6.

(b) Each transaction shall be recorded and placed initially under accounting controls of the particular air transport entity or organizational division of the air carrier or member of an affiliated group to which directly traceable. If applicable to two or more accounting entities, a proration shall be made from the entity of original recording to other participating entities on such basis that the statements of financial condition and operating results of each entity are comparable to those of distinct legal entities. The allocations involved shall include all debits and credits associated with each entity.

(c) For purposes of this section, investments by the air carrier in resources or facilities used in common by the regulated air carrier and those transport-related revenue services defined as separate nontransport ventures under section 1-6(b) shall not be allocated between such entities but shall be reflected in total in the appropriate accounts of the entity which predominately uses those investments. Where the entity of predominate use is a nontransport venture, the air carrier shall reflect the investment in account 1510.3, Advances to Associated Companies.

(d) For purposes of this Uniform System of Accounts and Reports, all revenues shall be assigned to or apportioned between accounting entities on bases which will fully recognize the services provided by each entity, and expenses, or costs, shall be apportioned between accounting entities on such bases as will result: (1) With respect to transport-related services, in the assignment thereto of proportionate direct overheads, as well as direct labor and materials, of the applicable expense functions prescribed by this system of accounts and reports, and (2) with respect to separate ventures, in the assignment thereto of proportional general and administrative overheads as well as the direct overheads, labor, and materials.

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