14 CFR § 300.3 - Reporting of communications.

§ 300.3 Reporting of communications.

(a) General. The following types of substantive communication shall be reported as specified in paragraph (b) of this section:

(1) Any communication in violation of § 300.2(a) of this chapter.

(2) Information given upon determination of an emergency under § 300.2(c)(5) of this chapter.

(3) Information given at the request of a DOT employee in a tariff matter under § 300.2(c)(6) of this chapter.

(4) Communications in nonhearing cases to be decided within 30 days under § 300.2(c)(7) of this chapter.

(5) Communications in nonhearing cases arising under 49 U.S.C. 41731-42, made under § 300.2(c)(8).

(b) Public filing.

(1) A written communication shall be placed onto the electronic docket management system (http://www.regulations.gov) in the file of the docket number corresponding to the proceeding, which shall be available for inspection and copying during business hours in Office of Docket Operations.

(2) An oral communication shall be summarized by the DOT employee receiving it. One copy shall be put into a public file as described in paragraph (b) (1) of this section, and another copy shall be mailed to the communicator.

(3) Electronic copies of written communications and oral summaries shall be posted to the DOT's electronic docket. Such docketed materials may be searched, viewed, and downloaded through the Internet at www.regulations.gov

(4) Copies of all filings under this part dealing with discontinuances or reductions of air transportation shall be mailed to the directly affected local communities, State agencies, and airport managers.

(c) Status and expedition requests. A DOT decisionmaker who receives a communication asking about the status or requesting expeditious treatment of a public proceeding, other than a communication concerning national defense or foreign policy (including international aviation), shall either:

(1) Refer the communicator to Office of Docket Operations.

(2) If the DOT decisionmaker responds by advising on the status, put a memorandum describing the exchange in the public file as described in paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

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