14 CFR § 302.34 - Exceptions to tentative decisions of the DOT decisionmaker.

§ 302.34 Exceptions to tentative decisions of the DOT decisionmaker.

(a) Time for filing. Within ten (10) days after service of any tentative decision of the DOT decisionmaker, any party to a proceeding may file exceptions to such decision with the DOT decisionmaker.

(b) Form and contents of exceptions. Each exception shall be separately numbered and shall be stated as a separate point, and appellants shall not restate the same point in several exceptions. Each exception shall state, sufficiently identify, and be limited to, an ultimate conclusion in the decision to which exception is taken (such as, selection of one carrier rather than another to serve any point or points; points included in or excluded from a new route; imposition or failure to impose a given restriction; determination of a rate at a given amount rather than another). No specific exception shall be taken with respect to underlying findings or statements, but exceptions to an ultimate conclusion shall be deemed to include exceptions to all underlying findings and statements pertaining thereto; Provided, however, That exceptions shall specify any matters of law, fact, or policy that were not argued before the administrative law judge but will be set forth for the first time on brief to the DOT decisionmaker.

(c) Effect of failure to file timely and adequate exceptions. No objection may be made on brief or at a later time to an ultimate conclusion that is not expressly made the subject of an exception in compliance with the provisions of this section; Provided, however, That any party may file a brief in support of the decision and in opposition to the exceptions filed by any other party.