15 CFR § 296.4 - Limitations on assistance.

§ 296.4 Limitations on assistance.

(a) The Federal share of a project funded under the Program shall not be more than 50 percent of total project costs.

(b) Federal funds awarded under this Program may be used only for direct costs and not for indirect costs, profits, or management fees.

(c) No large-sized business may receive funding as a recipient or subrecipient of an award under the Program. When procured in accordance with procedures established under the Procurement Standards required by part 14 of Subtitle A of this title, recipients may procure supplies and other expendable property, equipment, real property and other services from any party, including large-sized businesses.

(d) If a project ends before the completion of the period for which an award has been made, after all allowable costs have been paid and appropriate audits conducted, the unspent balance of the Federal funds shall be returned by the recipient to the Program.