15 CFR § 30.45 - Manifest requirements

§ 30.45 Manifest requirements

(a) File the manifest in accordance with Customs and Border Protections (CBP) regulations.

(1) Vessels. Vessels transporting goods as specified shall file a complete manifest, or electronic equivalent.

(i) Bunker fuel. The manifest (including vessels taking bunker fuel to be laden aboard vessels on the high seas) clearing for foreign countries shall show the quantities and values of bunker fuel taken aboard at that port for fueling use of the vessel, apart from such quantities as may have been laden on vessels as cargo.

(ii) Coal and fuel oil. The quantity of coal shall be reported in metric tons (1000 kgs or 2240 pounds), and the quantity of fuel oil shall be reported in barrels of 158.98 liters (42 gallons). Fuel oil shall be described in such manner as to identify diesel oil as distinguished from other types of fuel oil.

(2)-(3) [Reserved]

(4) Carriers not required to file manifests. Carriers allowed to file incomplete manifests under applicable CBP regulations are required, upon request, to present to the CBP Port Director the proof of filing citation, exemption or exclusion legends for each shipment, prior to departure of the vessel, aircraft, train, truck or other means of conveyance.

(5) Penalties. Failure of the carrier to file a manifest as required constitutes a violation of the regulations in this part and renders such carrier subject to the penalties provided for in Subpart H of this part.

(b) Exempt items. For any item for which EEI is not required by the regulations in this part, a notation on the manifest shall be made by the carrier as to the basis for the exemption. In cases where a manifest is not required and EEI is not required, an oral declaration to the CBP Port Director shall be made as to the basis for the exemption.

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