15 CFR 400.23 - Application for production authority.

§ 400.23 Application for production authority.

In addition to any applicable requirements set forth in § 400.21, an application requesting production authority pursuant to § 400.37(c) shall include:

(a) A summary as to the reasons for the application and an explanation of its anticipated economic effects;

(b) Identity of the user and its corporate affiliation;

(c) A description of the proposed activity, including:

(1) Finished products;

(2) Imported (foreign-status) materials and components;

(3) For each finished product and imported material or component, the tariff schedule category (6-digit HTSUS), tariff rate, and whether the material or component is subject to a trade-related measure or proceeding (e.g., AD/CVD order or proceeding, suspension of liquidation under AD/CVD procedures);

(4) Domestic inputs, foreign inputs, and plant value added as percentages of finished product value;

(5) Projected shipments to domestic market and export market (percentages);

(6) Estimated total or range of annual value of benefits to proposed user (broken down by category), including as a percent of finished product value;

(7) Annual production capacity (current and planned) for the proposed FTZ activity, in units;

(8) Information to assist the Board in making a determination under §§ 400.27(a)(3) and 400.27(b);

(9) Information as to whether alternative procedures have been considered as a means of obtaining the benefits sought;

(10) Information on the industry involved and extent of international competition; and

(11) Economic impact of the operation on the area; and

(d) Any additional information requested by the Board or the Executive Secretary in order to conduct the review.

Effective Date Note:
At 77 FR 12139, Feb. 28, 2012, § 400.23 was added. This section contains information collection and recordkeeping requirements and will not become effective until approval has been given by the Office of Management and Budget.