15 CFR § 4a.8 - Access to classified information by individuals outside the Government.

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§ 4a.8 Access to classified information by individuals outside the Government.

(a) Industrial, Educational, and Commercial Entities. Certain bidders, contractors, grantees, educational, scientific, or industrial organizations may receive classified information under the procedures prescribed by the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual.

(b) Access by historical researchers and former Presidential appointees. An individual engaged in historical research projects or who has previously occupied a policy-making position to which he or she was appointed by the President may be authorized access to classified information for a limited period, provided that the head of the component with jurisdiction over the information:

(1) Determines in writing that:

(i) Access is consistent with national security;

(ii) The individual has a compelling need for access; and

(iii) The Department's best interest is served by providing access;

(2) Obtains in writing from the individual:

(i) Consent to a review by the Department of any resultant notes and manuscripts for the purpose of determining that no classified information is contained in them; and

(ii) Agreement to safeguard classified information in accordance with applicable requirements; and

(iii) A detailed description of the individual's research;

(3) Ensures that custody of classified information is maintained at a Department facility;

(4) Limits access granted to former Presidential appointees to items that the individual originated, reviewed, signed, or received while serving as a Presidential appointee; and

(5) Receives from the Director for Security:

(i) A determination that the individual is trustworthy; and

(ii) Approval to grant access to the individual.

(c) An individual seeking access should describe the information with sufficient specificity to locate and compile it with a reasonable amount of effort. If the access requested by a historical researcher or former Presidential appointee requires services for which fees are chargeable, the responsible component shall notify the individual in advance.

(d) This section applies only to classified information originated by the Department, or to information in the sole custody of the Department. Otherwise, the individual shall be referred to the classifying agency.

[66 FR 65650, Dec. 20, 2001, as amended at 85 FR 35376, June 10, 2020]

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