15 CFR § 7.4 - Determination of foreign adversaries.

§ 7.4 Determination of foreign adversaries.

(a) The Secretary has determined that the following foreign governments or foreign non-government persons have engaged in a long-term pattern or serious instances of conduct significantly adverse to the national security of the United States or security and safety of United States persons and, therefore, constitute foreign adversaries solely for the purposes of the Executive Order, this rule, and any subsequent rule:

(1) The People's Republic of China, including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (China);

(2) Republic of Cuba (Cuba);

(3) Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran);

(4) Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea);

(5) Russian Federation (Russia); and

(6) Venezuelan politician Nicolás Maduro (Maduro Regime).

(b) The Secretary's determination of foreign adversaries is solely for the purposes of the Executive Order, this rule, and any subsequent rule promulgated pursuant to the Executive Order. Pursuant to the Secretary's discretion, the list of foreign adversaries will be revised as determined to be necessary. Such revisions will be effective immediately upon publication in the Federal Register without prior notice or opportunity for public comment.

(c) The Secretary's determination is based on multiple sources, including:

(1) National Security Strategy of the United States;

(2) The Director of National Intelligence's 2016-2019 Worldwide Threat Assessments of the U.S. Intelligence Community;

(3) The 2018 National Cyber Strategy of the United States of America; and

(4) Reports and assessments from the U.S. Intelligence Community, the U.S. Departments of Justice, State and Homeland Security, and other relevant sources.

(d) (d) The Secretary will periodically review this list in consultation with appropriate agency heads and may add to, subtract from, supplement, or otherwise amend this list. Any amendment to this list will apply to any ICTS Transaction that is initiated, pending, or completed on or after the date that the list is amended.