15 CFR § 700.31 - General procedures.

§ 700.31 General procedures.

Before the Department of Commerce uses its allocations authority to address a supply problem within its resource jurisdiction, it will develop a plan that includes:

(a) A copy of the written determination made in accordance with section 202 of Executive Order 13603, that the program or programs that would be supported by the allocation action are necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense;

(b) A detailed description of the situation to include any unusual events or circumstances that have created the requirement for an allocation action;

(c) A statement of the specific objective(s) of the allocation action;

(d) A list of the materials, services, or facilities to be allocated;

(e) A list or description of the sources of the materials, services, or facilities that will be subject to the allocation action;

(f) A detailed description of the provisions that will be included in the allocations orders, including the type(s) of allocations orders, the percentages or quantity of capacity or output to be allocated for each purpose, the relationship with previously or subsequently received priority rated and unrated contracts and orders, and the duration of the allocation action (e.g., anticipated start and end dates);

(g) An evaluation of the impact of the proposed allocation action on the civilian market; and

(h) Proposed actions, if any, to mitigate disruptions to civilian market operations.

[79 FR 47567, Aug. 14, 2014]