15 CFR § 719.13 - Prehearing conference.

§ 719.13 Prehearing conference.

(a) On the ALJ's own motion, or on request of a party, the ALJ may direct the parties to participate in a prehearing conference, either in person or by telephone, to consider:

(1) Simplification of issues;

(2) The necessity or desirability of amendments to pleadings;

(3) Obtaining stipulations of fact and of documents to avoid unnecessary proof; or

(4) Such other matters as may expedite the disposition of the proceedings.

(b) The ALJ may order the conference proceedings to be recorded electronically or taken by a reporter, transcribed and filed with the ALJ.

(c) If a prehearing conference is impracticable, the ALJ may direct the parties to correspond with the ALJ to achieve the purposes of such a conference.

(d) The ALJ will prepare a summary of any actions agreed on or taken pursuant to this section. The summary will include any written stipulations or agreements made by the parties.