15 CFR § 719.20 - Record for decision.

§ 719.20 Record for decision.

(a)The record. The transcript of hearings, exhibits, rulings, orders, all papers and requests filed in the proceedings, and, for purposes of any appeal under § 719.18 or under 22 CFR 103.8, the decision of the ALJ and such submissions as are provided for under § 719.18 or 22 CFR 103.8 will constitute the record and the exclusive basis for decision. When a case is settled, the record will consist of any and all of the foregoing, as well as the NOVA or draft NOVA, settlement agreement, and order.

(b)Restricted access. On the ALJ's own motion, or on the motion of any party, the ALJ may direct that there be a restricted access portion of the record for any material in the record to which public access is restricted by law or by the terms of a protective order entered in the proceedings. A party seeking to restrict access to any portion of the record is responsible, prior to the close of the proceeding, for submitting a version of the document(s) proposed for public availability that reflects the requested deletion. The restricted access portion of the record will be placed in a separate file and the file will be clearly marked to avoid improper disclosure and to identify it as a portion of the official record in the proceedings. The ALJ may act at any time to permit material that becomes declassified or unrestricted through passage of time to be transferred to the unrestricted access portion of the record.

(c)Availability of documents -

(1)Scope. All NOVAs and draft NOVAs, answers, settlement agreements, decisions and orders disposing of a case will be displayed on the BIS Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Web site, at http://www.bis.doc.gov/foia, which is maintained by the Office of Administration, Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce. This office does not maintain a separate inspection facility. The complete record for decision, as defined in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section will be made available on request.

(2)Timing. The record for decision will be available only after the final administrative disposition of a case. Parties may seek to restrict access to any portion of the record under paragraph (b) of this section.