15 CFR § 750.8 - Revocation or suspension of licenses.

§ 750.8 Revocation or suspension of licenses.

(a) Revocation. All licenses for exports or reexports are subject to revision, suspension, or revocation, in whole or in part, without notice. BIS's Office of Exporter Services may revoke any license in which a person who has been convicted of one of the statutes specified in section 11(h) of the EAA, at the discretion of the Secretary of Commerce, has an interest in the license at the time of the conviction. It may be necessary for BIS to stop a shipment or an export or reexport transaction at any stage in the process (e.g., in order to prevent an unauthorized export or reexport). If a shipment is already en route, it may be further necessary for BIS to order the return or unloading of such shipment at any port of call in accordance with the provisions of the EAA.

(b) Return of revoked or suspended licenses. If BIS revokes or suspends a license, the licensee shall return the license immediately upon notification that the license has been suspended or revoked. The license must be returned to BIS at the address listed in § 748.1(d)(2) of the EAR, Attn: “Return of Revoked/Suspended License”. All applicable supporting documents and records of shipments must be retained by the licensee in accordance with the recordkeeping provisions of part 762 of the EAR. If the licensee fails to return a license immediately upon notification that it has been suspended or revoked, BIS may impose sanctions provided for in part 764 of the EAR.

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