15 CFR § 781.2 - Purposes of the Additional Protocol and APR.

§ 781.2 Purposes of the Additional Protocol and APR.

(a)General. The Additional Protocol is a supplement to the existing U.S.-IAEA Safeguards Agreement, which entered into force in 1980. It provides the IAEA with access to additional information about civil nuclear and nuclear-related items, materials, and activities and with physical access to reportable locations where nuclear facilities, materials, or ores are located (to ensure the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities) and to other reportable locations and locations specified by the IAEA (to resolve questions or inconsistencies related to the U.S. Declaration). The Additional Protocol is based upon and is virtually identical to the IAEA Model Additional Protocol (see IAEA Information Circular, INFCIRC/540, at http://www.iaea.org/Publications/Documents/Infcircs/index.html), except that it excludes IAEA access to activities with direct national security significance to the United States, or to locations or information associated with such activities, and provides for managed access in connection with those same activities and to locations or information associated with those activities.

(b)Purposes of the Additional Protocol. The Additional Protocol is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the U.S.-IAEA Safeguards Agreement by providing the IAEA with information about aspects of the U.S. civil nuclear fuel cycle, including: Mining and concentration of nuclear ores; nuclear-related equipment manufacturing, assembly, or construction; imports, exports, and other activities involving certain source material (i.e., source material that has not reached the composition and purity suitable for fuel fabrication or for being isotopically enriched); imports and exports of specified nuclear equipment and non-nuclear material; nuclear fuel cycle-related research and development activities not involving nuclear material; and other activities involving nuclear material not currently subject to the U.S.-IAEA Safeguards Agreement (e.g., nuclear material that has been exempted from safeguards pursuant to paragraph 37 of INFCIRC/153 (Corrected) June 1972).

(c)Purposes of the Additional Protocol Regulations. To fulfill certain obligations of the United States under the Additional Protocol, BIS has established the APR, which require the reporting of information to BIS (as described in parts 783 and 784 of the APR) from all persons and locations in the United States (as described in § 781.3(a) of the APR) with reportable activities. This information, together with information reported to other U.S. Government agencies and less any information to which the U.S. Government applies the national security exclusion, is aggregated into a U.S. declaration, which is submitted annually to the IAEA. The APR also provide for complementary access at such locations in accordance with the provisions in part 784 of the APR.