15 CFR § 921.81 - Allowable costs.

§ 921.81 Allowable costs.

(a) Allowable costs will be determined in accordance with applicable OMB Circulars and guidance for Federal financial assistance, the financial assistant agreement, these regulations, and other Department of Commerce and NOAA directives. The term “costs” applies to both the Federal and non-Federal shares.

(b) Costs claimed as charges to the award must be reasonable, beneficial and necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the financial assistance award and must be incurred during the award period.

(c) Costs must not be allocable to or included as a cost of any other Federally-financed program in either the current or a prior award period.

(d) General guidelines for the non-Federal share are contained in Department of Commerce Regulations at 15 CFR part 24 and OMB Circular A-110. Copies of Circular A-110 can be obtained from the Sanctuaries and Reserves Division; 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW., suite 714; Washington, DC 20235. The following may be used in satisfying the matching requirement:

(1) Site selection and post site selection awards. Cash and in-kind contributions (value of goods and services directly benefiting and specifically identifiable to this part of the project) are allowable. Land may not be used as match.

(2) Acquisition and development awards. Cash and in-kind contributions are allowable. In general, the fair market value of lands to be included within the Reserve boundaries and acquired pursuant to the Act, with other than Federal funds, may be used as match. However, the fair market value of real property allowable as match is limited to the fair market value of a real property interest equivalent to, or required to attain, the level of control over such land(s) identified by the state and approved by the Federal Government as that necessary for the protection and management of the National Estuarine Research Reserve. Appraisals must be performed according to Federal appraisal standards as detailed in Department of Commerce regulations at 15 CFR part 24 and the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal land Federally assisted programs in 15 CFR part 11. The fair market value of privately donated land, at the time of donation, as established by an independent appraiser and certified by a responsible official of the state, pursuant to 15 CFR part 11, may also be used as match. Land, including submerged lands already in the state's possession, may be used as match to establish a National Estuarine Research Reserve. The value of match for these state lands will be calculated by determining the value of the benefits foregone by the state, in the use of the land, as a result of new restrictions that may be imposed by Reserve designation. The appraisal of the benefits foregone must be made by an independent appraiser in accordance with Federal appraisal standards pursuant to 15 CFR part 24 and 15 CFR part 11. A state may initially use as match land valued at greater than the Federal share of the acquisition and development award. The value in excess of the amount required as match for the initial award may be used to match subsequent supplemental acquisition and development awards for the National Estuarine Research Reserve (see also § 921.20). Costs related to land acquisition, such as appraisals, legal fees and surveys, may also be used as match.

(3) Operation and management awards. Generally, cash and in-kind contributions (directly benefiting and specifically identifiable to operations and management), except land, are allowable.

(4) Research, monitoring, education and interpretive awards. Cash and in-kind contributions (directly benefiting and specifically identifiable to the scope of work), except land, are allowable.