15 CFR § 970.522 - Monitoring requirements.

§ 970.522 Monitoring requirements.

Each exploration license must require the licensee:

(a) To allow the Administrator to place appropriate Federal officers or employees as observers aboard vessels used by the licensee in exploration activities to:

(1) Monitor such activities at such time, and to such extent, as the Administrator deems reasonable and necessary to assess the effectiveness of the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the license; and

(2) Report to the Administrator whenever such officers or employees have reason to believe there is a failure to comply with such terms, conditions, and restrictions;

(b) To cooperate with such officers and employees in the performance of monitoring functions; and

(c) To monitor the environmental effects of the exploration activities in accordance with a monitoring plan approved and issued by the Administrator as license terms, conditions and restrictions, and to submit such information as the Administrator finds to be necessary and appropriate to assess environmental impacts and to develop and evaluate possible methods of mitigating adverse environmental effects. This environmental monitoring plan and reporting will respond to the concerns and procedures discussed in Subpart G of this part.