15 CFR § 970.702 - Monitoring and mitigation of environmental effects.

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§ 970.702 Monitoring and mitigation of environmental effects.

(a) Monitoring. If an application is determined to be otherwise acceptable, the Administrator will specify an environmental monitoring plan as part of the terms, conditions and restrictions developed for each license. The plan will be based on the monotoring plan proposed by the applicant and reviewed by NOAA for completeness, accuracy and statistical reliability. This monitoring strategy will be devised to insure that the exploration activities do not deviate significantly from the approved exploration plan and to determine if the assessment of the plan's acceptability was sound. The monitoring plan, among other things, will include monitoring environmental parameters relating to verficiation of NOAA's findings concerning potential impacts, but relating mainly to the three unresolved concerns with the potential for significant environmental effect, as identified in § 970.701(b)(2). NOAA has developed a technical guidance document, which includes parameters pertaining to the upper and lower water column and operational aspects, which document will provide assistance in developing monitoring plans in consultation with applicants.

(b) Mitigation. Monitoring and continued research may develop information on future needs for mitigating environmental effects. If such needs are identified, terms, conditions and restrictions can be modified appropriately.