15 CFR Part 752, Supplement No. 2 to Part 752 - Instructions for Completing Form BIS-748P-A, “Item Annex”

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Supplement No. 2 to Part 752—Instructions for Completing Form BIS-748P-A, “Item Annex”
All information must be legibly typed within the lines for each block or box.
Block 1: Application Control No. Enter the application control number found on Form BIS-748P.
Block 2: Subtotal. Leave blank.
Block 21: Continuation of Specific End-Use Information. Complete as necessary to fully describe the transaction(s).
Block 22:
(a) ECCN. Enter the Export Control Classification Number that corresponds to the item you wish to export or reexport under the SCL.
(b) CTP. You must enter the “Adjusted Peak Performance” (“APP”) in this block if you intend to export or reexport a computer or equipment that contains a computer. Instructions on calculating the APP are contained in a Technical Note at the end of Category 4 in the CCL.
(c)-(i): Leave blank.
(j) Manufacturer's Description. Enter a detailed description of the item proposed for export or reexport. Brochures or product literature may be supplied at the option of the applicant. However, such information may expedite review and processing of your application.
Block 24: Continuation of Additional Information. Enter any identifying information that defines the scope of items you are requesting to export or reexport under the SCL. For example, “4A004 except items controlled for MT reasons”.
[61 FR 12835, Mar. 25, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 25466, May 9, 1997; 71 FR 20887, Apr. 24, 2006]

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