16 CFR § 1.22 - Rulemaking.

§ 1.22 Rulemaking.

(a) Nature and authority. For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the statutes administered by it, the Commission is empowered to promulgate rules and regulations applicable to unlawful trade practices. Such rules and regulations express the experience and judgment of the Commission, based on facts of which it has knowledge derived from studies, reports, investigations, hearings, and other proceedings, or within official notice, concerning the substantive requirements of the statutes which it administers.

(b) Scope. Rules may cover all applications of a particular statutory provision and may be nationwide in effect, or they may be limited to particular areas or industries or to particular product or geographic markets, as may be appropriate.

(c) Use of rules in adjudicative proceedings. When a rule is relevant to any issue involved in an ajudicative proceeding thereafter instituted, the Commission may rely upon the rule to resolve such issue, provided that the respondent shall have been given a fair hearing on the applicability of the rule to the particular case.

[40 FR 15232, Apr. 4, 1975]

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