16 CFR 1025.12 - Answer.

§ 1025.12 Answer.

(a)Time for filing. A respondent shall have twenty (20) days after service of a complaint to file an answer.

(b)Contents of answer. The answer shall contain the following:

(1) A specific admission or denial of each allegation in the complaint. If a respondent is without knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of an allegation, the respondent shall so state. Such statement shall have the effect of a denial. Allegations that are not denied shall be deemed to have been admitted.

(2) A concise statement of the factual or legal defenses to each allegation of the complaint.

(c)Default. Failure of a respondent to file an answer within the time provided, unless extended, shall constitute a waiver of the right to appear and contest the allegations in the complaint, and the Presiding Officer may make such findings of fact and conclusions of law as are just and reasonable under the circumstances.