16 CFR § 1051.2 - General.

§ 1051.2 General.

(a) Any person may file with the Commission a petition requesting the Commission to begin a proceeding to issue, amend or revoke a regulation under any of the statutes it administers.

(b) A petition which addresses a risk of injury associated with a product which could be eliminated or reduced to a sufficient extent by action taken under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, or the Flammable Fabrics Act may be considered by the Commission under those Acts. However, if the Commission finds by rule, in accordance with section 30(d) of the CPSA, as amended by Public Law 94-284, that it is in the public interest to regulate such risk of injury under the CPSA, it may do so. Upon determination by the Office of the General Counsel that a petition should be considered under one of these acts rather than the CPSA, the Office of the Secretary shall docket and process the petition under the appropriate act and inform the petitioner of this determination. Such docketing, however, shall not preclude the Commission from proceeding to regulate the product under the CPSA after making the necessary findings.