16 CFR § 1116.12 - Commission response to section 37 reports.

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§ 1116.12 Commission response to section 37 reports.

Upon receipt of a section 37 report, the Commission will evaluate the information contained in the report and any relevant information contained in its files or data bases to determine what, if any, follow-up or remedial action by the Commission is appropriate. If the Commission requires additional information, it will notify the manufacturer in writing of the specific information to provide. In addition, the Commission will routinely review section 37 reports to determine whether the reporting manufacturers have fulfilled their obligations under both sections 37 and 15(b) in a timely manner. Such a review may also engender a request for additional information, including the dates on which final orders were entered in each of the lawsuits reported under section 37. The Commission will treat any subsequent submission of information by the manufacturer as a submission under section 37(c)(2)(B) subject to the restrictions on public disclosure contained in sections 6(a) and (b) of the Consumer Product Safety Act.