16 CFR § 1207.12 - Stockpiling.

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§ 1207.12 Stockpiling.

(a) Definitions. As used in this section:

(1) Stockpiling means manufacturing or importing swimming pool slides between the date of promulgation of part 1207 in the Federal Register and its effective date at a rate greater than five percent more than the rate at which the slides were manufactured or imported during the base period.

(2) Base period means, at the option of the manufacturer or importer concerned, any period of 180 consecutive days beginning on or after January 2, 1974, and ending on or before December 31, 1974.

(3) Rate of production (or importation) means the total number of swimming pool slides manufactured (or imported) during a stated time period. In determining whether a slide was manufactured (or imported) during a stated time period, the later of the date on which the slide runway was manufactured (or imported) or the date on which the accompanying ladder and other support parts were manufactured (or imported) shall be used.

(b) Prohibited acts. Manufacturers and importers of swimming pool slides, as these products are defined in § 1207.3(a)(28) shall not manufacture or import slides that do not comply with the requirements of this part 1207 between January 19, 1976, and July 17, 1976, at a rate which is greater than the rate of production or importation during the base period plus five percent of that rate.

(c) Manufacturers and importers shall maintain appropriate documentation to be able to substantiate to the Commission that they are in compliance with the provisions of this section.

[41 FR 2751, Jan. 19, 1976, as amended at 41 FR 15003, Apr. 9, 1976]