16 CFR § 1210.15 - Specifications.

§ 1210.15 Specifications.

(a) Requirement. Before any lighters that are subject to the standard are distributed in commerce, the manufacturer or importer shall ensure that the surrogate lighters used for qualification testing under § 1210.14 are described in a written product specification. (Section 1210.4(c) requires that six surrogate lighters be used for testing each 100-child panel.)

(b) Contents of specification. The product specification shall include the following information:

(1) A complete description of the lighter, including size, shape, weight, fuel, fuel capacity, ignition mechanism, and child-resistant features.

(2) A detailed description of all dimensions, force requirements, or other features that could affect the child-resistance of the lighter, including the manufacturer's tolerances for each such dimension or force requirement.

(3) Any further information, including, but not limited to, model names or numbers, necessary to adequately describe the lighters and any child-resistant features.

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