16 CFR § 1210.16 - Production testing.

§ 1210.16 Production testing.

(a) General. Manufacturers and importers shall test samples of lighters subject to the standard as they are manufactured, to demonstrate that the lighters meet the specifications, required under § 1210.15, of the surrogate that has been shown by qualification testing to meet the requirements of the standard.

(b) Types and frequency of testing. Manufacturers, private labelers, and importers shall determine the types of tests for production testing. Each production test shall be conducted at a production interval short enough to provide a high degree of assurance that, if the samples selected for testing pass the production tests, all other lighters produced during the interval will meet the standard.

(c) Test failure -

(1) Sale of lighters. If any test yields results which indicate that any lighters manufactured during the production interval may not meet the standard, production and distribution in commerce of lighters that may not comply with the standard must cease until it is determined that the lighters meet the standard or until corrective action is taken. (It may be necessary to modify the lighters or perform additional tests to ensure that only complying lighters are distributed in commerce. Lighters from other production intervals having test results showing that lighters from that interval comply with the standard could be produced and distributed unless there was some reason to believe that they might not comply with the standard.)

(2) Corrective actions. When any production test fails to provide a high degree of assurance that all lighters comply with the standard, corrective action must be taken. Corrective action may include changes in the manufacturing process, the assembly process, the equipment used to manufacture the product, or the product's materials or design. The corrective action must provide a high degree of assurance that all lighters produced after the corrective action will comply with the standard. If the corrective action changes the product from the surrogate used for qualification testing in a manner that could adversely affect its child resistance, the lighter must undergo new qualification tests in accordance with § 1210.14, above.