16 CFR § 1213.7 - Findings.

§ 1213.7 Findings.

The Consumer Product Safety Act requires that the Commission, in order to issue a standard, make the following findings and include them in the rule. 15 U.S.C. 2058(f)(3). These findings are contained in the appendix to this part 1213.

(a) The rule in this part (including its effective date of June 19, 2000 is reasonably necessary to eliminate or reduce an unreasonable risk of injury associated with the product.

[These findings are contained in the appendix to this part 1213.]

(b) Promulgation of the rule is in the public interest.

(c) Where a voluntary standard has been adopted and implemented by the affected industry, that compliance with such voluntary standard is not likely to result in the elimination or adequate reduction of the risk of injury; or it is unlikely that there will be substantial compliance with such voluntary standard.

(d) The benefits expected from the rule bear a reasonable relationship to its costs.

(e) The rule imposes the least burdensome requirement that prevents or adequately reduces the risk of injury for which the rule is being promulgated.