16 CFR § 1302.3 - Definitions.

§ 1302.3 Definitions.

(a) The definitions in section 3 of the Consumer Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2052) apply to this part 1302.

(b) The term extremely flammable contact adhesive and similar liquid or semiliquid consumer products means consumer products that have each of the following product characteristics:

(1) Show a flash point at or below 20 degrees Farenheit as determined by the Tagliabue open-cup test method prescribed by 16 CFR 1500.43; and

(2) Are intended to be applied to two surfaces to be bonded together and allowed to dry partially until there is little residual tack, and adhere to themselves instantaneously when the coated surfaces are joined under low or moderate pressure; and

(3) Are composed of a high percentage (70–90 percent by weight) of solvents and a low percentage of solids (10–30 percent by weight); and

(4) Are substances that are non-aerosols and are free-flowing, having a wet viscosity within the range of 300–6,000 centipoise at 70 degrees Fahrenheit when measured by an RVF Brookfield viscometer; and

(5) Are packaged in containers of more than one-half pint.

(c) The term flash point means the lowest temperature corrected to a pressure of 101.3 RPa (1013 millibars) of a substance at which application of an ignition source causes the vapor above the substance to ignite under specified conditions of test. A blue light (blue halo) or other colored light which sometimes surrounds the test flame should not be confused with the true ignition of the vapors (flash point).

(d) Initial introduction into commerce occurs when the manufacturer ships a product covered by this regulation from a facility of the manufacturer to a distributor, retailer, or consumer.