16 CFR 1500.127 - Substances with multiple hazards.

§ 1500.127 Substances with multiple hazards.
(a) Any article that presents more than one type of hazard (for example, if the article is both toxic and flammable) must be labeled with: An affirmative statement of each such hazard; the precautionary measures describing the action to be followed or avoided for each such hazard; instructions, when necessary or appropriate, for first-aid treatment of persons suffering from the ill effects that may result from each such hazard; instructions for handling and storage of articles that require special care in handling and storage because of more than one type of hazard presented by the article; and the common or usual name (or the chemical name if there is no common or usual name) for each hazardous component present in the article.
(b) Label information referring to the possibility of one hazard may be combined with parallel information concerning any additional hazards presented by the article if the resulting condensed statement contains all of the information needed for dealing with each type of hazard presented by the article.
[38 FR 27012, Sept. 27, 1973; 38 FR 30105, Nov. 1, 1973]

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