16 CFR § 1633.1 - Purpose, scope and applicability.

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§ 1633.1 Purpose, scope and applicability.

(a) Purpose. This part 1633 establishes flammability requirements that all mattress sets must meet before sale or introduction into commerce. The purpose of the standard is to reduce deaths and injuries associated with mattress fires by limiting the size of the fire generated by a mattress set during a thirty minute test.

(b) Scope.

(1) All mattress sets, as defined in § 1633.2(c), manufactured, imported, or renovated on or after the effective date of this standard are subject to the requirements of the standard.

(2) One-of-a-kind mattress sets may be exempted from testing under this standard in accordance with § 1633.13(c).

(c) Applicability. The requirements of this part 1633 shall apply to each “manufacturer” (as that term is defined in § 1633.2(k)) of mattress sets which are manufactured for sale in commerce.