16 CFR § 1633.11 - Records.

§ 1633.11 Records.

(a) Test and manufacturing records C general. Every manufacturer and any other person initially introducing into commerce mattress sets subject to the standard, irrespective of whether guarantees are issued relative thereto, shall maintain the following records in English at a location in the United States:

(1) Test results and details of each test performed by or for that manufacturer (including failures), whether for qualification, confirmation, or production, in accordance with § 1633.7. Details shall include: name and complete physical address of test facility, type of test room, test room conditions, time that sample spent out of conditioning area before starting test, prototype or production identification number, and test data including the peak rate of heat release, total heat release in first 10 minutes, a graphic depiction of the peak rate of heat release and total heat release over time. These records shall include the name and signature of person conducting the test, the date of the test, and a certification by the person overseeing the testing as to the test results and that the test was carried out in accordance with the Standard. For confirmation tests, the identification number must be that of the prototype tested.

(2) Video and/or a minimum of eight photographs of the testing of each mattress set, in accordance with § 1633.7 (one taken before the test starts, one taken within 45 seconds of the start of the test, and the remaining six taken at five minute intervals, starting at 5 minutes and ending at 30 minutes), with the prototype identification number or production lot identification number of the mattress set, date and time of test, and name and location of testing facility clearly displayed.

(b) Prototype records. In addition to the records specified in paragraph (a) of this section, the following records shall be maintained for each qualified, confirmed and subordinate prototype:

(1) Unique identification number for the qualified or confirmed prototype and a list of the unique identification numbers of each subordinate prototype based on the qualified or confirmed prototype. Subordinate prototypes that differ from each other only be length or width may share the same identification number.

(2) A detailed description of all materials, components, and methods of assembly for each qualified, confirmed and subordinate prototype. Such description shall include the specifications of all materials and components, and the name and complete physical address of each material and component supplier.

(3) A list of which models and production lots of mattress sets are represented by each qualified, confirmed and/or subordinate prototype identification number.

(4) For subordinate prototypes, the prototype identification number of the qualified or confirmed prototype on which the mattress set is based, and, at a minimum, the manufacturing specifications and a description of the materials substituted, photographs or physical specimens of the substituted materials, and documentation based on objectively reasonable criteria that the change in any component, material, or method of assembly will not cause the subordinate prototype to exceed the test criteria specified in § 1633.3(b).

(5) Identification, composition, and details of the application of any flame retardant treatments and/or inherently flame resistant fibers or other materials employed in mattress components.

(c) Pooling confirmation test records. In addition to the test and prototype records specified in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, the following records shall be maintained:

(1) The prototype identification number assigned by the qualified prototype manufacturer;

(2) Name and complete physical address of the qualified prototype manufacturer;

(3) Copy of qualified prototype test records, and records required by paragraph (b)(2) of this section; and

(4) In the case of imported mattress sets, the importer shall be responsible for maintaining the records specified in paragraph (b) of this section for confirmation testing that has been performed with respect to mattress sets produced by each foreign manufacturing facility whose mattress sets that importer is importing.

(d) Quality assurance records. In addition to the records required by paragraph (a) of this section, the following quality assurance records shall be maintained:

(1) A written copy of the manufacturer's quality assurance procedures;

(2) Records of any production tests performed. Production test records must be maintained and shall include, in addition to the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, an assigned production lot identification number and the identification number of the qualified, confirmed or subordinate prototype associated with the specimen tested;

(3) For each qualified, confirmed and subordinate prototype, the number of mattress sets in each production lot based on that prototype;

(4) The start and end dates of production of that lot; and

(5) Component, material and assembly records. Every manufacturer conducting tests and/or technical evaluations of components and materials and/or methods of assembly must maintain detailed records of such tests and evaluations.

(e) Record retention requirements. The records required under this Section shall be maintained by the manufacturer (including importers) for as long as mattress sets based on the prototype in question are in production and shall be retained for 3 years thereafter. Records shall be available upon the request of Commission staff.

(f) Record location requirements. (1) For mattress sets produced in the United States, all records required by this section must be maintained at the plant or factory at which the mattress sets are manufactured or assembled.

(2) For mattress sets produced outside of the United States, a copy of all records required by this section must be maintained at a U.S. location, which must be identified on the mattress set label as specified in § 1633.12(a).