16 CFR § 1633.4 - Prototype testing requirements.

§ 1633.4 Prototype testing requirements.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b) of this section, each manufacturer shall cause three specimens of each prototype to be tested according to § 1633.7 and obtain passing test results according to § 1633.3(b) before selling or introducing into commerce any mattress set based on that prototype, unless the manufacturer complies with the prototype pooling and confirmation testing requirements in § 1633.5.

(b) Notwithstanding the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, a manufacturer may sell or introduce into commerce a mattress set that has not been tested according to § 1633.7 if that mattress set differs from a qualified or confirmed prototype only with respect to:

(1) Mattress/foundation length and width, not depth (e.g., twin, queen, king);

(2) Ticking, unless the ticking of the qualified prototype has characteristics (such as chemical treatment or special fiber composition) designed to improve performance on the test prescribed in this part; and/or

(3) Any component, material, design or method of assembly, so long as the manufacturer can demonstrate on an objectively reasonable basis that such differences will not cause the mattress set to exceed the test criteria specified in § 1633.3(b).

(c) All tests must be conducted on specimens that are no smaller than a twin size, unless the largest size mattress set produced is smaller than a twin size, in which case the largest size must be tested.


(1) If each of the three specimens meets both the criteria specified in § 1633.3(b), the prototype shall be qualified. If any one (1) specimen fails to meet the test criteria of § 1633.3(b), the prototype is not qualified.

(2) Any manufacturer may produce a mattress set for sale in reliance on prototype tests performed before the effective date of this Standard, provided:

(i) The manufacturer has documentation showing that such tests were conducted in accordance with all requirements of this section and § 1633.7 and yielded passing results according to the test criteria of § 1633.3(b);

(ii) Any tests conducted more than 30 days after publication of this standard in the Federal Register must comply with the recordkeeping requirements in § 1633.11;

(iii) Such mattress sets may be used for prototype pooling only if the manufacturer complies with applicable recordkeeping requirements in § 1633.11; and

(iv) Such mattress sets may serve as the basis for a subordinate prototype only if the manufacturer has all records required by § 1633.11.