16 CFR § 1702.17 - Granting petitions.

§ 1702.17 Granting petitions.

Where the Commission determines that reasonable grounds for an exemption are presented by the petition, the Commission shall publish, in the Federal Register, a proposed amendment to the listing of substances requiring special packaging under § 1700.14(a). “Reasonable grounds” for publishing a proposed exemption are information and data sufficient to support the conclusion that:

(a) The degree or nature of the hazard to children in the availability of the substance, by reason of its packaging, is such that special packaging is not required to protect children from serious personal injury or serious illness resulting from handling, using, or ingesting the substance, or

(b) Special packaging is not technically feasible, practicable, or appropriate for the subject substance, or

(c) Special packaging is incompatible with the particular substance.