16 CFR § 1750.3 - Scope and application.

§ 1750.3 Scope and application.

This standard shall apply to devices furnished with household refrigerators manufactured and introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce after the effective date (October 30, 1958) which enable such refrigerators to be opened from the inside. The requirements of this standard shall apply to household refrigerators in their normal operating position only. The releasing feature(s) of the device shall be accessible from all spaces which (a) are bounded by interior walls or shelving, (b) are directly accessible when the exterior hinged door(s) is (are) opened, and (c) have a minimum dimension of 20.3 centimeters (8 inches) or more and a volume of 56.6 cubic decimeters (2 cubic feet) or more either with all shelving in place or as the result of the removal or the rearrangement of any or all of the shelving.