16 CFR § 300.17 - Use of the term “all” or “100%.”

§ 300.17 Use of the term “all” or “100%.”

Where the fabric or product to which the stamp, tag, label, or mark of identification applies is composed wholly of one kind of fiber, either the word all or the term 100% may be used with the correct fiber name; as for example “100% Wool,” “All Wool,” “100% Recycled Wool,” “All Recycled Wool.” If any such product is composed wholly of one fiber with the exception of fiber ornamentation not exceeding 5%, such term “all” or “100%” as qualifying the name of the fiber may be used, provided it is immediately followed by the phrase “exclusive of ornamentation,” or by a phrase of like meaning; such as, for example:

All Wool - Exclusive of Ornamentation
100% Wool - Exclusive of Ornamentation.
[45 FR 44261, July 1, 1980]