17 CFR § 10.109 - Delegation of authority to Chief of the Opinions Section.

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§ 10.109 Delegation of authority to Chief of the Opinions Section.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission hereby delegates, until such time as it orders otherwise, the following function to the General Counsel, to be performed by him or by such person or persons under his direction as he may designate from time to time:

(a) With respect to proceedings conducted pursuant to the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended, 7 U.S.C. 1 et seq., and subject to the Commission's Rules of Practice as set forth in part 10 of this chapter, to:

(1) Consider and decide miscellaneous motions for procedural orders that may be directed to the Commission pursuant to part 10 of these rules after the initial decision or other order disposing of the entire proceeding has been filed; such motions may be acted upon at anytime, without awaiting a response;

(2) Remand, with or without specific instructions, initial decisions or other orders disposing of the entire proceeding to the appropriate officer in the following situations:

(i) Where a default order has been made pursuant to § 10.93 of these rules and a motion to vacate the default or equivalent request has been directed to the Commission under § 10.94 without the benefit of a prior ruling by the Administrative Law Judge;

(ii) Where, in his judgment, clarification or supplementation of the initial decision or other order disposing of the entire proceeding prior to Commission review is appropriate; however, the General Counsel or his designee may not direct that the record be reopened;

(iii) Where, in his judgment, a ministerial act necessary to the proper conduct of the proceeding has not been performed;

(3) Deny applications for interlocutory Commission review of a ruling of the Administrative Law Judge in cases in which the Administrative Law Judge has not certified the ruling to the Commission in the manner prescribed by § 10.101(a) of the rules; and the ruling does not concern the disqualification of, or a motion to disqualify, an Administrative Law Judge; and the ruling does not concern the suspension of, or failure to suspend, an attorney from participation in a particular proceeding, or the denial of intervention or limited participation;

(4) Deny any application for interlocutory review in a proceeding if it is not filed in accordance with § 10.101(b) of these rules;

(5) Dismiss any appeal from an initial decision or other disposition of the entire proceeding by an Administrative Law Judge, where such appeal is not filed and perfected in accordance with § 10.102 of these rules;

(6) Strike any filing that does not meet the requirements of, or is not perfected in accordance with, part 10 of these rules;

(7) Stay, for a limited period of time not to exceed ten working days, any order of the Commission entered in a proceeding subject to these rules;

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (a) of this section, in any case in which the General Counsel or his designee believes it appropriate, he may submit the matter to the Commission for its consideration;

(c) Within seven (7) days after service of a ruling issued pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, a party may file with the Proceedings Clerk a petition for Commission reconsideration of the ruling. Unless the Commission orders otherwise, the filing of a petition for reconsideration shall not operate to stay the effective date of such ruling.

[50 FR 33515, Aug. 20, 1985, as amended at 60 FR 54802, Oct. 26, 1995; 64 FR 43071, Aug. 9, 1999]

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