17 CFR § 11.2 - Authority to conduct investigations.

§ 11.2 Authority to conduct investigations.

(a) The Director of the Division of Enforcement and members of the Commission staff acting pursuant to his authority and under his direction may conduct such investigations as he deems appropriate to determine whether any persons have violated, are violating, or are about to violate the provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended, or the rules, regulations or orders adopted by the Commission pursuant to that Act, or, in accordance with the provisions of section 12(f) of the Act, whether any persons have violated, are violating or are about to violate the laws, rules or regulations relating to futures or options matters administered or enforced by a foreign futures authority, or whether an applicant for registration or designation meets the requisite statutory criteria. For this purpose, the Director may obtain evidence through voluntary statements and submissions, through exercise of inspection powers over boards of trade, reporting traders, and persons required by law to register with the Commission, or when authorized by order of the Commission, through the issuance of subpoenas. The Director shall report to the Commission the results of his investigations and recommend to the Commission such enforcement action as he deems appropriate.

(b) The Commission hereby delegates, until the Commission orders otherwise, to its Regional Directors and to the Director, the Deputy Directors, the Program Coordinator, the Chief Counsel, the Associate Directors, and the Regional Counsel of the Division of Enforcement the authority to grant to any employee of the Division of Enforcement all or a portion of the authority which the Commission, by order, has authorized specified employees of the Commission to perform in connection with a Commission investigation conducted by the Division of Enforcement. With the approval of the Executive Director, the Director of the Division of Enforcement may also grant such authority to any Commission employee under the direction of the Executive Director.

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