17 CFR § 12.406 - Final decision of the Commission.

§ 12.406 Final decision of the Commission.

(a) Opinion and order. Unless the Commission, in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section, orders summary affirmance of the initial decision, the Commission's opinion and order in a proceeding appealed pursuant to § 12.401 of these rules shall constitute the Commission's final decision, effective upon service. On review, the Commission may affirm, reverse, modify, set aside or remand for further proceedings, in whole or in part, the initial decision and make any findings or conclusions which in its judgment are warranted based on the record in the proceeding.

(b) Order on summary affirmance. If the Commission, in its opinion, finds that the result reached in the initial decision is substantially correct and that none of the arguments on appeal made by the appealing party raise any important question of law or policy, the Commission may, by appropriate order, summarily affirm the initial decision and order without opinion, which shall constitute the Commission's final decision, effective upon service. Unless the Commission expressly indicates otherwise in its order, an order of summary affirmance does not reflect a Commission determination to adopt the initial decision, including any rationale contained therein, as its opinion and order, and neither initial decision nor the Commission's order of summary affirmance shall serve as a Commission precedent in other proceedings.

(c) Filing and service of final decision. The Commission shall, upon issuance of a final decision pursuant to this § 12.406, file the final decision with the Proceeding's Clerk, who shall forthwith serve upon each of the parties a copy of the final decision as well as notice of the effect of a party's failure to pay a reparation award as provided in § 12.407 of these rules, and of an aggrieved party's right to obtain judicial review of the final decision pursuant to section 14(e) of the Act, 7 U.S.C. 18(e).

(d) Date of the reparation order. For purposes of computing the 30-day period for filing the appeal bond required by section 14(e) of the Act, 7 U.S.C. 18(e), “the date of the reparation order” shall be the date that the Commission's opinion and order (or order of summary affirmance, as the case may be) is filed with the Proceedings Clerk. This date shall be reflected by the date stamp on the first page of the Commission's order.

[49 FR 6621, Feb. 22, 1984, as amended at 53 FR 17692, May 18, 1988]

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