17 CFR § 145.0 - Definitions.

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§ 145.0 Definitions.

For the purposes of part 145 the following definitions are applicable:

(a) Compliance staff - refers to the FOI Compliance Staff of the Office of General Counsel at the Commission's principal office in Washington, DC assigned to respond to requests for information and to handle various other matters under the Freedom of Information Act.

(b) Public records - in addition to the records described in § 145.1 (material published in the Federal Register) and in § 145.2 (records required to be made publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act), includes those records that have been determined by the Commission to be generally available to the public directly upon oral or written request from the Commission office or division responsible for the maintenance of such records. A compilation of Commission records routinely available to the public upon request appears in appendix A to this part 145.

(c) Nonpublic records - are records not identified in § 145.1, § 145.2, or appendix A of this part 145. Nonpublic records must be requested, in writing, in accordance with the provisions of § 145.7.

(d) Record - is any information or agency record maintained by the Commission in any format, including an electronic format. It includes any document, writing, photograph, sound or magnetic recording, videotape, microfiche, drawing, or computer-stored information or output in the possession of the Commission. The term “record” does not include personal convenience materials over which the Commission has no control, such as appointment calendars and handwritten notes, which may be retained or destroyed at an employee's discretion.

[82 FR 28003, June 20, 2017]