17 CFR § 20.2 - Covered contracts.

§ 20.2 Covered contracts.

The futures and option contracts listed by designated contract markets for the purpose of reports filed and information provided under this part are as follows:

Covered Agricultural and Exempt Futures Contracts

Chicago Board of Trade (“CBOT”) Corn.
CBOT Ethanol.
CBOT Oats.
CBOT Rough Rice.
CBOT Soybean Meal.
CBOT Soybean Oil.
CBOT Soybeans.
CBOT Wheat.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (“CME”) Butter.
CME Cheese.
CME Dry Whey.
CME Feeder Cattle.
CME Hardwood Pulp.
CME Lean Hogs.
CME Live Cattle.
CME Milk Class III.
CME Non Fat Dry Milk.
CME Random Length Lumber.
CME Softwood Pulp.
COMEX (“CMX”) Copper Grade #1.
CMX Gold.
CMX Silver.
ICE Futures U.S. (“ICUS”) Cocoa.
ICUS Coffee C.
ICUS Cotton No. 2.
ICUS Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice.
ICUS Sugar No. 11.
ICUS Sugar No. 16.
Kansas City Board of Trade (“KCBT”) Wheat.
Minneapolis Grain Exchange (“MGEX”) Wheat.
NYSELiffe (“NYL”) Gold, 100 Troy Oz.
NYL Silver, 5000 Troy Oz.
New York Mercantile Exchange (“NYMEX”) Cocoa.
NYMEX Brent Financial.
NYMEX Central Appalachian Coal.
NYMEX Coffee.
NYMEX Cotton.
NYMEX Crude Oil, Light Sweet.
NYMEX Gasoline Blendstock (RBOB).
NYMEX Hot Rolled Coil Steel.
NYMEX Natural Gas.
NYMEX No. 2 Heating Oil, New York Harbor.
NYMEX Palladium.
NYMEX Platinum.
NYMEX Sugar No. 11.
NYMEX Uranium.
Diversified Commodity Index (See § 20.11).

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