17 CFR 20.5 - Series S filings.

§ 20.5 Series S filings.
(a) 102S filing.
(1) When a counterparty consolidated account first becomes reportable, the reporting entity shall submit a 102S filing, which shall consist of the name, address, and contact information of the counterparty and a brief description of the nature of such person's paired swaps and swaptions market activity.
(2) A reporting entity may submit a 102S filing only once for each counterparty, even if such persons at various times have multiple reportable positions in the same or different paired swaps or swaptions; however, reporting entities must update a 102S filing if the information provided is no longer accurate.
(3) Reporting entities shall submit a 102S filing within three days following the first day a consolidated account first becomes reportable or at such time as instructed by the Commission upon special call.
(b) 40S filing. Every person subject to books or records under § 20.6 shall after a special call upon such person by the Commission file with the Commission a 40S filing at such time and place as directed in the call. A 40S filing shall consist of the submission of a Form 40, which shall be completed by such person as if any references to futures or option contracts were references to paired swaps or swaptions as defined in § 20.1.

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