17 CFR § 200.310 - Fees.

§ 200.310 Fees.

(a) A request by an individual for copies of a record pertaining to him or her that is maintained by the Commission may be sent by mail to the Office of Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Operations, SEC, Operations Center, 6432 General Green Way, Alexandria, VA 22312-2413, or by facsimile (703-914-1149). There will be no charge assessed to the individual for the Commission's expense involved in searching for or reviewing the record. Copies of the Commission's records will be provided by a commercial copier or by the Commission at rates established by a contract between the copier and the Commission.

(b) Waiver or reduction of fees. Whenever the Privacy Act Officer determines that good cause exists to grant a request for reduction or waiver of fees for copying documents, he or she may reduce or waive any such fees.

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