17 CFR § 200.410 - Miscellaneous.

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§ 200.410 Miscellaneous.

(a) Unauthorized activities; maintenance of decorum. Nothing in this subpart shall authorize any member of the public to be heard at, or otherwise participate in, any Commission meeting, or to photograph or record by videotape or similar device any Commission meeting or portion thereof. The Commission may exclude any person from attendance at any meeting whenever necessary to preserve decorum, or where appropriate or necessary for health or safety reasons, or where necessary to terminate behavior unauthorized by this paragraph (a). Any person desiring to sound-record an open Commission meeting shall notify the Commission's Secretary of his intention to do so at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting in question. Any person desiring to photograph or videotape the Commission's proceedings may apply to the Secretary for permission to do so at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting in question. The Commission's determination to permit photography or videotaping at any meeting is confined to its exclusive discretion, and will be granted only if such activities will not result in undue disruption of Commission proceedings.

(b) Suspension of open meeting. Subject to the satisfaction of any procedural requirements which may be required by this subpart, nothing in this subpart shall preclude the Commission from directing that the room be cleared of spectators, temporarily or permanently, whenever it appears that the discussion during an open Commission meeting is likely to involve any matter described in § 200.402(a) (respecting closed meetings).

(c) Access to Commission documents. Except as expressly provided, nothing in this subpart shall authorize any person to obtain access to any document not otherwise available to the public or not required to be disclosed pursuant to subpart D. Access to documents considered or mentioned at Commission meetings may only be obtained subject to the procedures set forth in, and the provisions of, subpart D.

(d) Access to public meetings. Any member of the public who plans to attend a public meeting of the Commission, and who requires an auxiliary aid such as a sign language interpreter, should contact the Commission's Selective Placement Coordinator, Office of Personnel at (202) 272-7065 or TDD number (202) 272-2552, prior to the meeting to make the necessary arrangements. The Selective Placement Coordinator will take all reasonable steps to accommodate requests made in advance of the scheduled meeting date.

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