17 CFR § 200.735-18 - Requests for waivers.

§ 200.735-18 Requests for waivers.

Unless a different procedure is specifically prescribed in a rule of this part, an employee may submit a request for a waiver, modification or postponement of a requirement included in this part to the Chairman. Such waiver, modification or postponement may be granted if it is determined by the Chairman that such waiver, modification of postponement would not adversely affect the interest of the Commission or the United States. Any such waiver, modification or postponement granted by the Chairman shall be made available to the public. The Chairman may submit any request made pursuant to this rule to the Commission for its consideration. Any Commission action on such request shall be made public only in the discretion of the Commission. Requirements included in this part which implement any provision of Federal law, regulation or Executive Order generally applicable to the Executive Branch shall not be waived under this provision.