17 CFR 210.12-17 - Reinsurance.

§ 210.12-17 Reinsurance.

[For insurance companies]

Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F
Gross amount Ceded to other companies 1 Assumed from other companies Net amount 2 Percentage of amount assumed to net 3
Life insurance in force
Life insurance
Accident and health insurance
Property and liability insurance
Title insurance
Total premiums

1 Indicate in a note any amounts of reinsurance or coinsurance income netted against premiums ceded.

2 This Column represents the total of column B less column C plus column D. The total premiums in this column should represent the amount of premium revenue on the income statement.

3 Calculated as the amount in column D divided by amount in column E.

[ 46 FR 54338, Nov. 2, 1981]
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